Product & Design

We only use the best product and quality for our client. The best quality at the very best price. Here some example of our product and design. We guaranteed that our design is pure and different for each of our clients.

Sticky Album

We use Mockup Sticky Album type for all of our sticky album. Of course this is optional. Client can choose either Mockup Sticky or Normal Sticky but i bet all of you want the Mockup Sticky rite? Available in 13’x13′ and 15’x15′ at different price.


* This is only an example. Our design is different for all our clients.

Canvas And Wall Portrait Printing

We also do canvas and wall portrait printing our clients. This is include in the selected  package. Clients can request for this type of printing. Available in many size at a different price.


Custom Album

We only use the best quality of printing for our custom album.  We will make sure that our design is different to another for our clients. Available in many size  at different price.


Custom DVD

Custom DVD also were included in the package.


Custom Album Briefcase

This is optional to our client. Custom album briefcase bringing luxury to our package. Additional cost may apply.

What You’ll Get

Example of our client package….